Research training courses at the IHR (Institute of Historical Research)

Just discovered some interesting and potentially useful courses for those doing historical research – and some are free! They are run by the Institute of Historical Research, which is part of the University of London.

They have a couple of courses which would be particularly useful to me;

As with any big research project – and my interest in the area encompassed by Newmarket Hill, Castle Hill NNR and the Balsdean Valley has become just that – a huge amount of information from a wide range of sources has, and will be, collected, and it is particularly challenging trying to keep track of it all. Recording all that information in ways that enable it to be easily accessible to a wide range of people is time consuming. So much quicker and easier to just scribble down rough notes in the short term, but a waste of time in the long term if they get lost, or I can’t easily find and keep track of them all! These courses are likely to be of a great help to people like me.

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