This blog is a place to share my exploration and discoveries about a hill on the South Downs called Newmarket Hill. I would welcome any comments or feedback. You can contact me via the form below, or email me directly: scienceinthegreen@gmail.com

One reply on “About”

Dear David … it was good to meet you at the museum day on Saturday… we were stephanie , Harry 10 and myself Graham who lived next door to Joy in Nevill Road and knew Cuth…. we now live in Rottingdean…. we really enjoyed looking at your stall and your web site is extremely interesting…. we would love to come over to Balsdean if you are digging again in April… please let us know… graham.sheppard5@gmail.com I was fascinated by the drawing you had of the military up on the hills around Woodingdean…. would you be able to e mail me a copy … it would be much appreciated… also I organise the Rottingdean Village Fair which this year is on Saturday august 1st ,,, it would be good if you could come along to show similar things that you had on display at the museum….. look forward to hearing from you…. ps I lived in woodingdean from 1966 until about 1976…..
kind regards
Graham sheppard

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