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Project Planning and a hurting head!

My head hurts! I am new to the formal discipline of Project Planning. I am trying to understand English Heritage’s guidelines on how I might best plan my archaeological excavation. There is so much to get my head around, both regarding the details of Project Planning in general, and the details of my own particular project.

My Newmarket Farm Excavation Proposal Document was relatively easily to write, because it did not have to go into the small details. It was based on the English Heritage MoRPHE (Management of Research Projects in the Historic Environment) planning guidance. I recently completed a distance learning familiarisation course on the use of MoRPHE, which enabled me to realise that what I had attained was just the tip of the iceberg. Now that the Project Proposal Document has generally been accepted by both Greg Chuter and Malcolm Emery, I need to write the Project Design Document, which is to detail all the stuff that I am not – yet – entirely sure how to do.

So I sat down and started to learn the subject of Project Management. Oh yes, and I wrote this post.

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