Blogging Blogilo Open Source Ubuntu WordPress

Testing Blogilo

This is to test and compare the Open Source offline capable blog app. Blogilo with QTM. Blogilo has more features. And it works as well!

Blogging Open Source QTM Ubuntu WordPress

Testing QTM

This is a post to test the Open Source offline capable blog app., QTM, which I have installed on my Ubuntu laptop. It works!

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Book on the Blog!

Feeling frustrated that transferring our book to the blog is taking more time than I thought! But it is a big book – and growing. And I definitely think it is worth the effort. As soon as licencing (copyright) issues have been sorted out, figures will also be added. This includes maps and other illustrations. […]

BlackBerry Testing WordPress

Testing WordPress for BlackBerry Offline

Just downloaded WordPress for BlackBerry. Want to see if I can compose posts offline – so I thought I would write this!