Digging practice with Brighton & Hove Archaeological Society

It is all very well my reading loads of stuff on archaeological methods – whether technique or theory. The core skills of archaeology are gained by practical experience. So on a very cold but mostly sunny Saturday I joined the Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society on their first dig day of the season at Rocky Clump, in Stanmer Park.

Rocky Clump, Stanmer
BHAS at Rocky Clump, Stanmer.

The field had recently been harrowed. And siting on top of the plough soil:

Romano-British Fibula Brooch.
Romano-British Fibula Brooch.

A happy archaeologist!:

Clive with brooch.
Clive with brooch.


Archaeology at Rocky Clump
Archaeology at Rocky Clump.

The trench was being skilfully dug under the watchful eye of a number of experienced volunteers. Several finds turned up (including by me!): a nice mesolithic core, flint flakes, along with East Sussex Ware and fine tempered pottery.

Did I say it was cold?

Cold archaeologists
Cold archaeologists!

A very good day. I was definitely looking forward to my own dig the following day.

View from Rocky Clump SE to Newmarket Hill (far right) and Kingston Ridge (far left)
View from Rocky Clump SE to Newmarket Hill (far right) and Kingston Ridge (far left)

This is not just a view of a spoil heap and a cow in the field by Rocky Clump – in the far right of the picture is the TV aerial on Newmarket Hill, just a hundred metres or so from my own dig, and to the far left of the picture is Kingston Ridge, at the foot of which nestles the village of Kingston near Lewes to which Newmarket Farm used to belong.

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