Ralf Davey of Woodingdean talks to International Space Station, March 22, 2016

As regular readers will know, I am researching the South Downs near Woodingdean (between Brighton and Lewes, Sussex, England). In 1881, and again in 1901, a David Davey and his family were living just a mile and half away in Newmarket Farm (birth place of my mother). He was an agricultural labourer and carter. In 1891 – for just a few years – he had his own farm near Horsham.

A little over a hundred years later I discover on the Internet a Ralf Davey in Woodingdean messaging to the International Space Station, travelling several thousand miles an hour, via a seriously cool little gadget…

Hello @Space_Station from @ralphdavey and the Davey Family in Woodingdean, Brighton 257.9 mi away @NASA_Johnson #issabove

This message was created by an ISS-Above.

The mission of the ISS-Above is to inspire wonder for human spaceflight. To remind everyone we have the amazing $150B+ space station
above us and how that is crewed by the only human beings who are in space.

It also streams live video from the ISS High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment which gives live views of the earth from space.
And.. as well as all that this little device lights up whenever The International Space Station is overhead.

How cool is that?!


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