Twenty Sixth Dig Day – Sunday 21st July 2013

N boundary wall E of toilet
N boundary wall E of toilet

All digs have their ups and downs – and Sunday was certainly one of them! Another hot day – almost too hot – but Peggy and I battled the heat in our continued search for the front garden gate. The previous grid square was extended 1m to the east, but still no sign of it; almost a metre & a half beyond its location on a plan dated 1921.

N edge of path E of toilet
N edge of path E of toilet

The path edge still continues eastwards…

A set of junior hacksaw blades in their original plastic packaging was a very nice find from the upper levels of the demolition rubble fill we excavated, though the rest of this layer yielded very few finds; just the usual metal, glass, ceramics and .303 cartridges.

One of our highlights was a visit by the family of one of Lucy Phipps’ sons. Lucy had lived at Newmarket Farm as a girl from ’34-’38. They stayed for a nice picnic and shared their memories of Lucy, who had loved her childhood here so much.

Next week, apart from cleaning up Sunday’s trench, we will be moving back towards the front of the house; the path towards the front door, and the possible site of a well.

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